In the beginning

So here it is, the first blog. I was going to write a book but figured nobody would read it. Besides, it would take too much time. I can do this, almost as a stream of conscious thing.

This blog will be about my career in radio. I’ve been doing this now for 50 years and, although I’m now semi retired, I still am addicted to that magic box. Of course things have changed over the years and, as you might expect from an old guy, not for the better.  I may touch on that later.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with and for some of the best broadcasters in America. I owe so much to so many but if it weren’t for a guy named Tom Francis, I might not have gone anywhere.

I also worked for some scoundrels. And, although I like just about everyone, there’s one person – only one – that is a schmuck (IMO).  So stay tuned. All of that and more is coming up. But for now, this is Skip Essick signing off. 

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