#34 – You’re Hired

Sharon and I spent the Summer of 2014 traveling around. We went to a favorite family spot, Jekyll Island, GA. where I pondered our future. I had received an invite to interview in Syracuse NY for the program director position of WSYR. I was also offered a job as new business manager for Childers Media Group in my hometown of Lima, Ohio. Let’s see…Lima or Syracuse.

After a lot of consternation, we left Jekyll for Syracuse where I met with the very nice staff and management of WSYR. The money wasn’t great but the job was. I knew I could make a difference. And the town looked amazing.

So, where did I choose? Lima, Ohio. Hometown. Comfort. Family. Once the decision was made, we went to France and knocked around Paris. It’s one of our favorite places. And a good place to take stock and plan. And then we returned to Fresno to pack it all in and move to Lima, where we were able to purchase an amazing home around the corner from my parents.

My life was soon to become an episode of “Everyone Loves Raymond”. That was actually a very good thing. The Fall if 2014 was a typical Midwest Autumn with the red, gold, yellow leaves on the trees. Kids trick or treating on Halloween, and one of the best Thanksgivings ever. Winter, on the other hand was a bear. One of the coldest, snowiest in recent years. On the home front, all was nice and cozy. But, on the job front I was miserable. In spite of my years of experience, I was accorded all of the deference of a novice. Maybe it was my ego. Probably was.

I think I did a good job but I really hated it. Nevertheless, I was able to forge some good friendships like Greg Stolly, Arron Matthews, and Tom Krouse. I saw some amazing talent too, who had huge potential but weren’t getting the direction they needed. It drove me crazy. But, I was a nobody now. After less than a year, and knowing I’d break my parents hearts, we left Lima and went back to Fresno where I bought into an AM radio station. A good friend of mine told me this was suicide. He was right.

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